Colleen Thornton

Colleen Thornton joined AGB Search in September 2017 as Assistant Director for Business Development. In September, 2018, she moved into a new postion as Assistant Director of Search Support and Research where she works closely with the AGB Search consultants and research associates to manage the adminstrative aspects of all current, full searches for our clients. As well, she provides support for the firm's ExecComp.

Before joining AGB Search, Ms. Thornton spent a decade in the Federal government contracting sector working in federal health IT, accounting, and architecture and engineering. Her experience includes strategic planning, business development, proposal management and writing, and marketing.

Trained as a printmaker in New York City art schools, Ms. Thornton’s career focused on not-for-profit advocacy, arts administration and fundraising. She is a co-founder and former director of the nonprofit artists’ organization, City Without Walls Gallery, in Newark, NJ.  While living in Europe for over two decades, she worked within the fine arts and architectural professions on various projects which included fundraising, gallery exhibitions, corporate events, and international professional conferences.

In collaboration with former U.S. Ambassador to Denmark, Richard N. Swett, FAIA, she researched and co-authored the book, "Leadership by Design: Creating an Architecture of Trust" (2005).  Her writings on cultural topics have been published in the UK, Denmark and the US.