Position Details

Marshall Hill, founding President of NC-SARA---a multi-state agreement to facilitate student access to higher-quality distance learning---has announced his retirement.  As it honors his achievements, the board now seeks nominations and applications for a next president, to assume office in summer 2019.

SARA agreements, now in their fifth year, span a remarkable confederation of 49 participating states, regional and national accreditors, four regional compacts, and 1,900 distance-learning providers, overseen by a National Council with offices in Boulder, Colorado.  NC-SARA’s founding mission has been to establish an efficient and strengthened state-level approval process for distance-learning providers, one that permits institutions meeting heightened standards to operate in all SARA member states.  The larger aim of this arrangement is to expand nationally student access to appropriate learning opportunities.

For its presidency, the NC-SARA board seeks a strategic leader with deep knowledge of higher education, accreditation, and the politics of state decision-making; high skills of diplomacy and communication; qualities important to the management of an office and leadership of a board; and habits of collegiality and respect.  The board expects candidates to have thoughtful perspectives on industry developments and paths forward for NC-SARA.

Nominations and Applications

Applicants should review this Prospectus and follow instructions on its final page.  NC-SARA has engaged AGB Search to assist this search.  For inquiries, nominations, or further information, you may contact in confidence Dr. Ted Marchese at