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Position Overview

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Liberty University, one of the largest Christian universities in the world, is seeking a Residential Dean to lead the University’s School of Education programs offered on campus. The School currently has about 600 majors enrolled in its on campus academic programs. (Liberty University also offers online programs in education that are outside of the scope of the Residential Dean’s responsibility.) The Residential Dean is expected to provide exceptional leadership and overall direction for the School’s faculty, educational programs, and research endeavors. The Dean will work collaboratively with the faculty and staff to advance the reputation of the School of Education in both public and private sectors of education.

The Residential Dean will provide leadership for the development of curricular initiatives, training, recruitment and retention of high-quality faculty, staff, and student talent. The Dean is also responsible for the school’s strategic planning, program evaluation and development, alumni engagement, fundraising, enrollment, retention, student persistence and completion, market planning, interdisciplinary initiatives in education and research, and the management of the school’s administrative and financial affairs. The Dean will work closely with the local, regional, and national education communities to support collaboration and the growth of the Education programs. The Dean also appoints department chairs, directors and other administrative support personnel, broadly oversees accreditation and licensure matters, leads the development of new curricula and programs, and strengthens existing and builds new community partnerships, and collaboration agreements.

The ideal candidate will have a strong understanding of the challenges facing private, faith-based education in an increasingly secular environment. The successful candidate will be a person with a deep personal faith who enthusiastically embraces the university’s mission of training champions for Christ to positively impact the world.

The university is experiencing unparalleled growth with over $500 million in construction projects planned and underway. The university is located in the active, friendly city of Lynchburg, Virginia, a great place to live and a historic location situated in the foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains.

Nominations & Applications

Applications will be received and reviewed on a rolling basis until the position is filled. Applications and nominations should be sent electronically (MS Word preferred) to:


The initial application process:

  1. A letter of interest that addresses the relevancy of the applicant’s background and experience to fulfill the Qualifications and Responsibilities listed in the Opportunity Profile.
  2. A curriculum vita or professional resume.
  3. A list of three professional references with email addresses and telephone numbers (references will not be contacted without prior authorization from the applicant and typically during the more advanced stage of the search screening process).
  4. A brief statement including how you came to faith in Christ and the impact that this has had on your personal and professional endeavors.


A complete search opportunity profile is available above.  Confidential inquiries, nominations and referrals may be made to: 

Loren Anderson, Ph.D., Executive Search Consultant,, (253) 223-3566

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