Shannon McCambridge

Shannon McCambridge, J.D., LL.M brings many years of experience in higher education governance and employment law to AGB Search.

Ms. McCambridge served four terms on the Board of Trustees of Gonzaga University, where she now serves as trustee emerita. As a trustee, she served on many board committees, chairing both the Academic Policy Committee and the Governance Committee for many years. Ms. McCambridge currently serves on the Legal Committee, the Long-term Planning Committee, and the Committee on Trustees and Governance. During her trusteeship, she helped draft and implement a number of best practices for Gonzaga including its first New Trustee Orientation Program.

Ms. McCambridge also brings substantial Employment Law experience to AGB Search. In addition to an advanced degree in Employment Law, her professional background includes private practice and teaching. As an Employment Law attorney at a large law firm, she advised clients on a wide spectrum of employment-related and human resource issues including avoiding mistakes in the selection process and mediating workplace disputes. She also represented clients before state and federal administrative agencies and courts on employment law matters and has published in the employment law area. Her most recent article, Third-party Retaliation: “The Shoes of an Employer,” was published in Atlanta’s John Marshall Law Journal in 2013. Ms. McCambridge has also taught graduate and undergraduate Employment Law and Business Law courses at three universities.

Since joining the AGB in 2014, Ms. McCambridge has conducted many executive searches. The following is a sampling of the institutions she has represented: Golden Gate University, University of San Diego, Benedictine University, Marymount California University, St. Joseph’s College, and St. Catherine University.

In addition to serving as an Executive Search Professional, Ms. McCambridge also serves as a facilitator in AGB’s Institute for Board Chairs and Presidents. The Institute is designed to assist new chair-president teams in developing robust partnerships and creating focused agendas to best position both the board and institution to meet strategic leadership objectives.

Ms. McCambridge graduated with honors from three institutions: Gonzaga University (BA), William Mitchell College of Law (JD), and John Marshall Law School (LL.M).