Presidential Transition Services

Transition and Integration Strategies

AGB Search offers up to one year of strategic transition and integration support – at no additional cost – to help prepare the appointee to assume office. Each presidential transition is unique, and the first twelve months of a presidency are integral to success and longevity. It is incumbent on the Board of Trustees and key campus-based leaders to step forward and, in collaboration with the new President, ensure a superbly planned and executed transition.

AGB Search provides a customized framework outlining key areas of consideration during a Presidential transition. Elements include assisting the new President with settling into their new community and campus and building successful Board/President relationships.

AGB Search will also meet regularly with the new President and Board Chair to provide insights about maintaining an effective transition and to help address challenges the new leader or the institution may be facing.

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Melissa K. Trotta


Melissa K. Trotta
Associate Managing Principal and Senior Vice President for Client Development