Search Process

AGB Search’s proven process instills confidence in our clients and ensures we’ll find the right candidate for their institution. Throughout the process, AGB Search offers guidance and resources including an online portal with easy access to candidate information. 

Step 1: Institution and Leadership Needs

AGB Search begins by ascertaining the institution’s industry reputation. We visit the campus and interact with your search committee to learn about the position requirements and qualifications you have in mind. We bring committee members together to facilitate understanding and consensus. Further, we guide the committee through an exercise designed to help you explore the accomplishments of previous leaders and establish priorities for new leadership.

Step 2: Position Marketing and Candidate Recruitment

Our comprehensive recruitment process includes a national advertising strategy geared toward targeted media outlets, outreach to key networks (including those that champion leaders from underrepresented groups) for referrals and applications, and assessment of our database with candidates from higher education, business, government, and nonprofit communities.

Step 3: Candidate Identification and Evaluation

AGB Search develops a customized pool of candidates that align with the institution and its vision. We work closely with the search chair and search committee through an evaluation process to discern the most qualified candidates. We thoroughly vet candidates using background checks, in-depth reference conversations, and additional research.

Step 4: Interviews and Selection

We support the search committee through two rounds of in-person interviews: semifinalist interviews at an off-campus location (neutral-site), and more extensive rounds of interviews for finalists. We also can facilitate open campus meetings. As you near selection of your next leader, AGB Search will provide additional candidate information, compensation evaluation, or legal counsel to assist with contract development as needed. We will also facilitate a selection meeting with the committee to evaluate top candidates.

Step 5: Negotiations and Appointment

By gathering compensation expectations and other information from the most promising candidates, we can provide advice regarding the eventual negotiation to the candidate of choice. We can also serve as an intermediary during initial contract negotiations if requested.

Step 6: Transition

Transition assistance is key in setting up leaders – and the institution – for long-term success. In presidential searches, AGB Search provides transition services such as preparing the new leader to take office, introductions to constituencies, and housing information.