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The Right Compensation for Top Leaders

AGB Search offers ExecComp to help our clients establish appropriate and effective compensation levels for top institutional leaders. Colleges and universities must be judicious in approaching executive pay to attract and retain top talent, as well as stand up to scrutiny.

There is significant movement at the presidential level, so institutions must be prepared to offer attractive compensation packages. This is a critical time to evaluate presidential compensation levels against both peer and aspirant groups not only to gauge competitiveness, but also to determine what a new president could command. This is also an opportune time for presidents to assess the compensation of their Cabinet. 

It is recommended that institutions conduct compensation assessments approximately every four to five years, allowing for a smoother, more efficient hiring process by having current data in hand.

How ExecComp Works

Using the College and University Professional Association for Human Resources (CUPA-HR) data on higher education compensation, ExecComp helps institutions set executive pay and benefits at sound and competitive levels.

The customized ExecComp benchmarking report includes:

  • Assistance in identifying a set of comparable peer group institutions
  • Comparison-group salary analyses for a given position or set of positions
  • Information on benefits and other components of compensation within the peer group
  • Guidance on additional considerations that should inform decisions about compensation

If requested, the ExecComp can also provide:

  • Assistance with the development of a compensation package
  • Support for the development of a statement of compensation philosophy
  • Counsel on and a letter attesting to the institution’s compliance with law and best practice

The ExecComp report is provided at a competitive price, in accordance with the institution’s budget.

To discuss how the ExecComp can help your institution, contact Alan Crist, Ph.D., at 608.695.0217.

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Key Advantages

Third-Party Analysis

ExecComp gives higher education leaders the reliable, third-party analysis they need to ensure their institutions are protected and attract top-notch leadership.

Advancing Equity

Research shows women and communities of color in higher education leadership are disproportionately underpaid. ExecComp can help institutions bridge the gap in pay for women and people of color.

Efficient & Cost-Effective

AGB Search’s ExecComp service is affordable and timely, with reports returned to Boards within three to four weeks of a signed letter of engagement.

Alan Crist


Alan Crist
Director of ExecComp Service and Senior Executive Search Consultant