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With the higher education industry transforming at a rapid pace, institutional leaders must have the vision and knowledge to lead in the 21st century. AGB Search understands the challenges leaders face and offers a range of learning and development resources.


You've selected your interim appointee, and he or she has accepted your offer. How can you help ensure that your goals for the appointment are met and major problems avoided? Here are four suggestions to prepare the new interim leader and your institution for success.

1. Make sure you've clarified whether, if interested, the appointee can be a candidate for the permanent position. Most interim appointments expressly rule this out for two basic reasons. First, incumbency and candidacy can pull an interim in opposite directions, possibly tempting him or her to avoid hard decisions or to make them based on self-serving criteria. Even the...

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Leadership Insights

“Leaders [must] understand the core values of the academy and have the courage, wisdom, and strategy to defend them.”

Elaine P. Maimon, Ph.D.
Governors State University