Statement from Rod McDavis, Managing Principal and CEO of AGB Search

The questionnaire referenced in the State University System of Florida Chancellor's correspondence on July 7 and July 11, 2023, is part of AGB Search's strategy to assess its ability to recruit a broad range of candidates, and includes demographic questions. It is a general, routine survey that is used in all of our executive searches. As noted earlier, the questionnaire is entirely voluntary. Its purpose is to ensure that our efforts continue to attract qualified candidates from all walks of life for our clients. The collected data has no impact on candidacy. Indeed, the AGB Search consultants supporting FAU did not see individual or aggregate responses. Further, the FAU search committee was not aware of the survey questions and did not receive the collected demographic information, in aggregate form or otherwise. AGB Search is proud to have supported FAU in its presidential search and hopes that any questions can be resolved with appropriate speed.

Published July 13, 2023.