The Role of Research Associates

An Institution Asks: How does a research associate support an AGB Search search?

AGB Search has a dedicated group of researcher associates who complement the efforts of the consultant for the search committee. Personally, I approach each search as a new puzzle, incorporating all sorts of clues that will fit together to form a final, complete picture. I help build a pool in myriad ways: studying the institution and the role the selected candidate will have within it; learning about peer and aspirant institutions where there may be candidates; finding and familiarizing myself with other individuals that may have an interest; and/or referring the consultant to persons who would not normally consider the role for themselves. Research Associates act as the behind-the-scene fact finders as the search moves through its numerous stages. The consultant and search committee appreciate the care and information gathering, as it can complete the search puzzle of ultimately finding the individual who best fits institution’s needs.

A Candidate Asks: How does a research associate support candidates in a search?

Interactions between the research associates and candidates is often limited. These few interactions, however, can allow me to build a rapport with a candidate, which can lead to me recommending them for a later search. Astute candidates realize that I am an extension of the consultant and enjoy building a professional collaboration. It’s an exciting view from the sideline I sit on to see candidates that I have worked with move through a search process and advance on to a new professional opportunity. Never do I take for granted the investment that a candidate puts forth in a search. It’s gratifying to me in my role as a research associate to connect individuals with the potential of our client institutions – and vice versa. In the end the puzzle is complete!