Executive Search and Transition

The Right Partner for Higher Education Executive Search

AGB Search has conducted more than 700 successful client engagements ranging from small private colleges to large public institutions. Searches include, but are not limited to, presidents, chancellors, provosts, vice presidents, deans, university system heads, and CEOs of coordinating boards and related foundations.

We leverage our expertise and relationships in the industry to find the best candidates for every position. We take great care to understand each institution’s vision for their new leader and create a search plan to identify the best candidates for the position. We conduct comprehensive presearch meetings and research, extensive outreach to our networks to identify top candidates, and deep vetting of the candidate pool. Our team also provides needed support during the interview process, as well as through negotiations and appointment of the new leader.

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Focused on Leadership Transition Success

The role of president is the most critical position at a college or university, and successful transition is integral to the long-term success of the team and the institution. AGB Search offers transition assistance to facilitate positive outcomes for the newly appointed president, providing guidance on:

  • Preparing the new leader to assume office
  • Coordinating the introduction to the campus, key donors, and legislative and community leaders
  • Assisting with housing, moving, and family acclimation
  • Transitioning the outgoing president in a meaningful and respectful manner

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