Anti-Bias Workshops

Building an Inclusive Institution Culture

As an affiliate of the Association of Governing Boards of Universities and Colleges (AGB), AGB Search elevates an intentional focus on justice, diversity, equity, and inclusion (JDE&I) as a critical component of our partnerships with clients and candidates. Anti-bias efforts are essential to strengthening institutions and maintaining the integrity of the leadership search process. To that end, we offer customized workshops and facilitated sessions to assist institutions in increasing diversity and enhancing a trusting, inclusive culture.

AGB Search collaborates closely with our clients to develop workshops that best meet their unique needs. Examples of our tailored programs include:

Search Process: Managing Bias in Executive Search 
By recognizing bias and using "selection safeguards" to keep it in check, this program enables search committees to find their next executive leader through a proven process designed to maintain the search's integrity. 

Creating an Inclusive Workplace: Managing Bias 
Designed to support executive teams and governing boards in becoming more culturally competent.

Anti-bias Awareness and Coaching for All Employees
Intended for all non-executive employees to recognize biases and develop methods to address them.

Creating Anti-Bias Safeguards in Human Resources 
Developed for Human Resource professionals to inform policies and protocols related to hiring and managing employees.

In order to build capacity and fluency in thinking about, talking about, and acting towards equity and inclusion, institutions must embrace the development of shared language, shared experiences, and shared tools. 

About our Anti-Bias Facilitators

Dr. Kim Bobby, Ed.D., Executive Search Consultant, JDE&I Senior Advisor

Kim Bobby has had a distinguished career in the field of higher education prior to joining AGB Search, including having served as Chief Diversity Officer for the University of Puget Sound. Dr. Bobby has written and spoken on leadership development, creating an inclusive campus climate, appreciative inquiry, and creating effective leadership programs as a pipeline to achieving diverse campus leadership teams. Read more.

Shannon McCambridge, J.D., LL.M. Executive Search Consultant

Shannon McCambridge brings proven expertise in the selection process and decades of higher education leadership to her work at AGB Search. In addition to an advanced degree in employment law, McCambridge’s professional background includes many years of practicing and teaching employment law. Read more.

Read the AGB Board of Directors' Statement on Justice, Equity, and Inclusion

Melissa K. Trotta


Melissa K. Trotta
Associate Managing Principal