Administration & Finance

Strengthening Institution Infrastructure

AGB Search’s portfolio includes more than 265 searches for CFOs and other Cabinet-level administrative positions, including Vice Presidents for Diversity and Inclusion, Enrollment Management, Finance and Administration, Human Resources, and Student Affairs.

In addition to expertise within their functional area, these senior leaders provide oversight and leadership to their colleges and universities to maintain and improve infrastructure and to effectively support students, faculty, and programs that are essential to institutional success.

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Finance & Operations

AGB Search’s portfolio includes numerous searches for CFOs and other key finance and operations positions, including VPs and AVPs of Finance and Administration, Treasurers, Controllers, Directors of Procurement, and Directors of Auxiliary Enterprises. The financial health of an institution is paramount to its success, and colleges and universities need top leaders to ensure the sustainability of the organization. AGB Search is well-positioned to identify exceptional finance and operations professionals for institutions of all sizes.

Human Resources

AGB Search’s experience spans many leadership roles on campuses, including heads of Human Resources, (VPs, AVPs, or Directors). Human Resources leaders are increasingly viewed as strategic partners within their institutions; therefore, a comprehensive search process and strategy, as well as AGB Search’s depth of experience, are essential to institutional success. AGB Search brings the expertise needed to identify top Human Resources leadership for a range of institutions and systems.

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

AGB Search is committed to diversity in all aspects of our business – from hiring practices within our own team of consultants, support staff, and vendors to ensuring we bring diverse pools of candidates to our clients. In fact, 50 percent of our appointments are women or people of color. We bring that same commitment to executive searches for VPs and AVPs for Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion. AGB Search is in an excellent position to identify high-level candidates for this expanding and important role.

Enrollment & Student Affairs

Enrollment and Student Affairs leaders are particularly critical to the success of institutions; the right leaders elevate the profile of a college or university, strategically attracting and enrolling applicants and ensuring their experience on campus fulfills the promise of the institution. AGB Search has deep expertise in identifying these key leadership positions for institutions of all sizes.


AGB Search is well-versed in technology trends, challenges, and opportunities specific to higher education and beyond. Chief Information Officers and Chief Technology Officers are on the front lines of the student experience, critical to the effectiveness of curriculum delivery and interwoven into institutional risk management at all levels. At AGB Search, we are poised to help institutions recruit leaders who are technologists with strong communication skills, a vision for the digital future, a focus on security, and a passion for higher education.

Legal Affairs

AGB Search is skilled at conducting searches for leaders with expertise representing higher education institutions, including General Counsels, Vice Presidents of Legal Affairs, and Chief Compliance Officers. Colleges, universities, and systems have unique and complex needs in their legal leadership, such as high-level knowledge of corporate law and regulatory issues, as well as proficiency in various forms of dispute resolution. As several of our Executive Search Consultants have practiced law, AGB Search understands the nuances of securing top-notch counsel and establishing a strong legal team.

Other Cabinet Level Positions

With decades of experience at higher education institutions, AGB Search’s consultants are particularly well-positioned to support campuses in their search for and recruitment of various key leadership positions such as Vice Presidents for Communications and Marketing, External Relations, Campus Operations, and more. AGB Search has the expertise to assist institutions in establishing a robust foundation of Cabinet-level expertise.