Anti-Bias Training

Building an Inclusive Institution Culture

At AGB Search we believe strongly that anti-bias training/coaching is essential to successful organizational development. Building capacity and fluency in thinking, talking about, and acting towards equity and inclusion include the development of shared language, shared experiences, and shared tools. We offer the following workshops to advance the building of an inclusive institution culture.

  • Creating an Inclusive Workplace: Managing Bias (2.5 hours) – This session is designed to assist an Executive Team in becoming more culturally competent.
  • Anti-bias Awareness and Coaching for All Employees (2.5 hours) – This session is intended for all non-executive employees.
  • Creating Anti-Bias Safeguards in Human Resources (2.5 hours) – This session is intended for Human Resource professionals.
Melissa K. Trotta


Melissa K. Trotta
Associate Managing Principal